Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Final Week

This has been overall great class to be apart of. Before this class I didn't get a chance to read a lot of different genres and I have always been stand-offish of new genres as well. I do have to say that the science part of this class had to be my absolute favorite. I have always loved science and I enjoyed learning about the different genres that make of science. Each week I learned something new including, new authors. There was so much stuff that we talked about that I never knew existed and now I feel more educated and ready to explore more genres in the future.

Week 15 Future

When I think about the future I can see the world being merely technological. I don't really know if that will be a good or bad thing but just from experiencing the world with technology now, it might become quite overwhelming. In a couple of my other classes I am already working on projects that involve interactive glass walls and floors for the future. I think as the years come, designers will work hard to come up with new ways for technology to interact with humans on a more personal level. We are already so connected to our devices that it can only become more addicting with more and more technological advances coming out. I also think that virtual reality experiences will become more popular and people will be able to experience it more often through roller coasters, other rides, and even just on their tv sitting at home. Virtual reality roller coasters have and are in the process of being made in different places. With technology advancing there will be more opportunities for people to go to other planets and have the ability to make advanced spaceships for the future.

Week 14 Starship Titanic

This week I read Starship Titanic, and I instantly wanted to read it when I saw that the title had Titanic in it. I have always been intrigued with The Titanic and I love that this story is a twist on the titanic but instead it's a starship that crashed and landed on earth. This was an easy read in my opinion, and I genuinely liked reading about it because it all started with brief ideas and developed into something unique. It was a good laugh kind of read also because it was the "greatest ship that was ever made" and there would be no reason for it to ever have problems just like the Titanic. People have always been interested in the great Titanic and how it sank, so I think it was smart that the author brought in a futuristic outlook on the overall story by making the titanic fly into space and then land on planet earth. The author has a bold imagination of what the future could hold for us with new technology and potentially interesting space ships.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 13 Aquatic Uncle

Are there any prominent symbols in the story? If so, what are they, and how are they used? 

My take on the story was that the symbols were simply the land and the sea. The whole story revolves around the family. The grandparents and the rest of the family were all on shore, but the great-uncle was the one who was a fish. In story they really go back in forth between the aquatic world and the land. I enjoyed reading the details of the story when the family goes to visit the great-uncle and how they get to him is very interesting. Lll was the most interested in the great-uncles world while the rest of them were trying to find their identities in their world. The uncle is kind set in ways in the story while Lll is willing to convert to fishdom because she is nostalgic of the past and wants to be apart of that world.

What connections did you make with the story? Discuss the elements of the work with which you were able to connect.

I connected with this story in many ways, one way I connected is that I am very close with my family like they all are in the story. I have always been intrigued with listening to what my relatives have to say about their experiences in life. I have always thought it was important to have clear knowledge about the past and hearing people's take on life. In the story the great uncle is the type of person to always speak his mind, which in most cases we all have a relative that does the same thing. I felt that the uncle in the story made it more relatable for the reader because the author brought in so many aspects of what older relatives are actually like.

What changes would you make to adapt this story into another medium? What medium would you use? What changes would you make?

I liked the story but I feel like it was too crammed into a couple of pages. I think it would be interesting as a short film where they author could expand the story. I would rather watch this story then read it in my opinion, I think it would make more sense. I wouldn't necessarily decide to make more changes other than the names in the story are little hard to relate and understand. I would also just like to see the story expand more since it was very short. Overall it was a nice read because it was very different and I haven't read a story like it before.

Week 12 Bloodchild

This week I decided to read Bloodchild by Octavia Butler.  The author slowly reveals the science fiction and dystopian elements of the story. I found it interesting how the story opens up with "My last night of childhood began with a visit home" because it automatically makes the reader curious as to what the story will unfold with. The story has themes such as: coming of age, and loss of childhood. These themes are what is gradually bringing in the dystopian elements of Bloodchild. I think the story did reflect the majoritarian culture because the story brings in a lot things that they would do in their culture while bringing up gender rules.

Week 11 Johnny Mnemonic

I read Johnny Mnemonic by William Gibson, this week and while reading this I was definitely confused. I found this story interesting even though the writing style was different than what I am used too.The story was still very hard to follow because I felt that it was all over the place. I often found myself going back to re-read many parts of it. Although I found it difficult to read, I did find it interesting from what I took from it. I am intrigued with the future and it's nice to read stories that discuss what the future may unfold for us one day.

Week 10 The Drowned Giant

This week I read the Drowned Giant which is a short story by J.G. Ballard. After reading this, I think the author really wanted to use disturbing ideas in the story. In the story, people witness a giant dead washed up on the shore and everyone begins to observe and explore what the creature is. The author is most likely trying to bring up body and identity issues while adding in the horror aspect into the overall theme of the story. The story is not meant to be solved in the end, it is just supposed to be a reminder to the readers about body image while using the giant as the main character.